About AppleJazz Records

AppleJazz Records began as a way for Charlie Bertini to promote the recordings of his "AppleJazz Band", a festival band that performs once a year at the AppleJazz Festival in Preble, New York (upstate). This concert is recorded "live" each year, and much of the recorded material is well worth releasing. Unable to sell this material to a major label, Charlie started his own label and manufactured CDs to be sold at The AppleJazz Festival and other similar festivals across the US. Maintaining a mailing list and keeping his budgets low, he has been able to provide unique, emotional recordings of these and other independent jazz artists. Throughout the Jazz and Dixieland festival circuit, many fine bands have similar recordings. The fact that these groups have limited or no distribution gave him the idea to include their CDs on his web site and mailing list. AppleJazz Records is dedicated to these groups and their listeners, who often have difficulty locating these artists and their recordings.

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