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2 The Max CD CoverHEAD TO HEAD
John Allred & Wycliffe Gordon

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Jazz writer Matt Schudel of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel best sums up this recording:

"Still in their 30's, John Allred and Wycliffe Gordon may just be the next great trombone team. They combine youth and experience to bring both a fresh eye to the music and a healthy respect for the mainstream jazz tradition. The melodies may be familiar, but the performances are continually challenging, exciting and deeply felt. Once you've listened to this CD once, the best thing to do is go back and listen to it again, all the way from the start. This time, notice that extra something that only the finest musicians can give their music. Young veterans of jazz, Allred and Gordon are among the most skilled performers on the unwieldy and oft-maligned trombone. But, in the proper hands, the trombone can be an instrument of almost infinite expression and beauty."


JOHN ALLRED trombone
EDDIE METZ drums, percussion

Record label: Arbors Records catalog # ARCD19261
Produced by Charlie Bertini and John Allred
Recorded at Lone Pine Studios, Orlando, FL December 2001